About Mieshiel
Mieshiel was born in new york City and raised in a family of artists. Having an early appreciation of the arts he attended art openings in his native SoHo district when most kids his age were attending baseball games. This exposure to some of the best cutting edge art of the era inspired him to continually expand his ideas and he soon realized that in the art world, indeed anything is possible. An eye opening spiritual experience over Winter Solstice of 2008 caused him to change his legal name of Scott Murray to Mieshiel. Each work is rendered with clear intent to enrich the viewers life and home and spirit. There is a piece of Mieshiel in every love filled inspired creation.

Mieshiel received his BFA in graphic design from Cal-Arts (California Institute of the Arts) and has shown in galleries around the country.Since 1987 he has called Taos New Mexico his home where he lives 'off-the-grid' in a solar and wind powered community.Currently he is represented at ACA galleries in New York City and Envision Gallery in Taos.